Have a Conversation (synonyms, thesaurus, similar words)

Have a Conversation



To talk to someone about something.

To have a conversation with someone.


I’ve spoken to the manager about the matter.





To have a conversation with other people.


We all talked and laughed together.





To give information about something to someone by speaking, writing, moving your body, or using other signals.


We communicate in sign language.






To have a conversation with someone.


They are conversing quietly in the corner of the room.




To talk with someone in a casual way, especially about things that are not important.


We chatted about nothing in particular.




Conversation (noun)

countable, uncountable


I had a short conversation with her last night.

They are deep in conversation.




Talk (noun)


A conversation or discussion.


I had a nice talk with Matthew yesterday.




Talks (noun)


Formal discussions on an important subject between two or more groups, usually intended to produce decisions or agreements.


Talks will be held in Paris about the global warming.





countable, uncountable

The action or process of talking about something that is important to reach a decision or to exchange ideas.

A conversation or debate about a specific topic that is usually important.


I had a discussion with them about the issue.

The plans have been under discussion for more than three years now.




Debate (noun)

countable, uncountable

A formal discussion of a particular issue, subject, etc. in which speakers express different opinions and often vote on them.


We had a debate on legalized gambling.

The issue is under debate in Congress.




countable, uncountable

A formal discussion between two groups or countries solve a problem, end a disagreement, etc.


We are trying to open a dialogue with the opposing party.

The two nations have been in constant dialogue with each other.





The action or process of discussing something with someone or with a group of people before making a decision about it or reaching a better understanding of it.


The decision will be taken after close consultation with the management.




countable usually plural, uncountable

A formal discussion between people who are trying to reach an agreement, especially in business or politics.


After long negotiations, we reached a broad agreement.

The contract will be prepared in negotiation with our client.




Chat (noun)

A friendly, informal conversation.


I had a long chat with Mark.




Chit-chat (noun)



Informal conversation about things that are not very important.


We exchanged some chitchat about the exams.




Chatter (noun)


Continuous, fast informal talk about things that are not important.


I couldn’t stand their gossip and idle chatter.




Small talk


Polite conversation about things that are not important, especially at social occasions.


I hate parties where I have to make small talk with strangers.




Banter (noun)


Friendly conversation in which people tell jokes and amusing remarks about each other.


I enjoyed their friendly banter.


Gossip (noun)



Conversation or reports about other people’s private lives, often including unkind or untrue remarks.


They always spread office gossip.