Stutter / Speak with difficulty (synonyms, similar words, thesaurus)

Speak with difficulty


To speak with a lot of unusual pauses and repeated sounds because of a speech problem, nervousness, fear, excitement, etc.

“Wh-wh-when can we g-go?” I stammered.


To speak with difficulty because you repeat the first sound of some words several times

‘I’m D-d-dan, ’ he stuttered.


To make a mistake, such as repeating something or pausing for too long, while you are speaking, reading to someone or playing music

I stumbled over my words in my nervousness.


If you fumble with your words while speaking, you have difficulty saying or thinking of suitable words.

He was fumbling for the right word.


To pause before you say or do something because you are uncertain or nervous

I hesitated for a moment and then said ‘no’.