Give a Speech (synonyms, thesaurus, similar words)


Give a Speech


Speech (noun)

Deliver / Give / Make a speech


I gave a speech at the conference.




Talk (noun)


A speech or lecture given to a group of people on a particular subject.


Give / Do / Deliver a talk

I will give a talk about my visit to Nepal.






The man is talking to his employees.





To give a formal speech.


I spoke at the conference.





To give a formal speech to a group of people.


The man is addressing his employees.




Address (noun)


A formal speech given to a group of people.


Deliver / give an address

I have been asked to give a formal address at the ceremony.




Lecture (noun)


A talk or speech to a group of people about a particular subject, often as part of a university or college course.


Deliver / Give / Present / Do a lecture

I deliver a series of lectures on British literature every semester.





To show or offer something such as an idea or plan for other people to look at or consider.


The man is presenting his plans at a conference.




Sermon (noun)


A speech on a religious or moral subject made by a religious leader, especially as part of a religious service.


Give / Preach / Deliver a sermon

The Reverend Thomas Hooker preached a sermon on forgiveness.