Sounds you make with your mouth (synonyms, similar words, thesaurus)

Sounds you make with your mouth


To make a long deep sound, for example because you are in pain, upset, or disappointed, or with pleasure

SW: moan

She lay on the bed groaning.


To make a long low sound because of pain, unhappiness, or pleasure

The man was lying on the floor, moaning.


To breathe out slowly making a long, soft sound, especially because you are bored, disappointed, sad, tired or relaxed

I sighed deeply and sat down.


To breathe noisily and with difficulty, usually because you are ill

I was coughing and wheezing all night.


To make a short, low sound in your throat instead of speaking, usually because you are in pain, annoyed or not interested; to say something using this sound

I hauled myself over the wall, grunting with the effort.


To make a long high sound or cry

I could hear the children squealing with delight.