Read aloud (synonyms, similar words, thesaurus)

Read aloud


To speak the words that are printed or written to other people

I read the poem to my children.

Read out

To speak the words that are printed or written, especially to other people

I read out the passage in the class.

Read aloud

To read something in a voice that other people can hear

We listened to the child reading aloud.


To say a poem, piece of literature, etc. from memory to an audience

He proudly recited the poem to the class.


To say something from memory

My daughter can repeat her favorite poem word for word.

Repeat #2

To say something after someone else has just said it, especially in order to learn it

Listen carefully and repeat each sentence after me.


To speak the words of something such as a play, a prayer, or a speech you have learned previously

My father always says the same verses from the Bible before meals.


To say or write exactly what someone else has said or written

He always quotes from the Bible.


To say words for someone else to write down or type or for a machine to record

I spent the morning dictating the documents to my secretary.


To practice something you are going to do or say to someone

I need to carefully rehearse my presentation for the conference.