Express (synonyms, similar words, thesaurus)

Express something in particular way


To show a feeling, an opinion, or fact by words, looks or actions

She could not clearly express her feelings in words.


To say or write something in a particular way

He rarely puts his feelings into words.




To say or write something in a particular way

I tried to phrase the question in very simple words.


To write or say something in a particular way by choosing which words to use

SW: phrase

I should have worded the message much more clearly.


To express an idea or opinion in carefully chosen words

It took me a while to formulate my answer.


To express something by choosing your words carefully

I wondered how I was going to frame the question.



To express your ideas, feelings, or thoughts clearly and effectively in words

Many people are unable to articulate their feelings.

Be couched in something


To be expressed in a particular way

The letter was couched in legal jargon.




To say something, especially something other people may not like, in a loud and clear way

SW: state, declare

I announced my intention to quit school.


To express something formally in speech or writing, especially in a careful and clear way

She stated her intention to resign from the government.


To say something firmly and clearly

SW: assert, affirm

I declared my innocence.


To state firmly that something is true

She asserts that the boy stole money from her.


To state firmly and publicly that something is true

SW: confirm

He affirmed he had been at home all evening.


To say that something is definitely true or correct

OPW: deny

The police confirmed that the two politicians had been arrested.


Ask questions (synonyms, thesaurus, similar words)

Ask questions


To speak or write to someone in order to get information

The teacher asked the students a question, and many of them wanted to answer it.


To ask a question

I put a question to the professor.



To ask a question, especially one that requires serious thought

The teacher posed a question to the students, and many of them wanted to answer it.

Enquire / Inquire


To ask someone for some information

The waiter inquired whether we would smoke.


Especially written

To ask a question very firmly

He demanded an immediate reply.



To speak to someone directly

I addressed a few questions to the speaker.


To ask someone questions during an interview

We interviewed five applicants for the post.


To say or write the same thing using different words in order to make the meaning clearer

Let me rephrase my question.


Ask a lot of questions


To ask someone a lot of questions about something for a long time, often in an unpleasant way

My boyfriend grilled me about where I had been all night.

Bombard someone with questions

To ask someone a lot of questions

They bombarded me with questions about what I’d seen.

Fire questions at someone

To ask someone a lot of questions one after another very quickly, often in order to criticize them

Reporters fired questions at me when I was leaving the court house.


Ask a lot of people


To ask a lot of people their opinions about something, especially a political issue, as part of a general study of what they think about a subject

58% of the women we polled said they would pay more for environmentally friendly food.


To ask a large number of people questions in order to find out their behavior or opinions

The researchers surveyed the behavior of over 10,000 college students.