Make clear to understand / Explain (synonyms, similar words, thesaurus)

Make clear to understand (Explain)


To make clear to understand

The doctor is going to explain the man’s health condition.

Make clear

To express in a simple and direct way so that people understand without any confusion

I tried to make my ideas clear, but the children did not understand them.


To say what something or someone is like

The doctor is going to describe the man’s health condition.


To give information about someone or something to someone by speaking or writing

I told him about his health condition.



To make something clearer or easier to understand

The doctor clarified my health condition.

Go through something

To carefully explain something, especially one step at a time

I went through how the project would be carried out at the meeting.

Put across

To explain an idea, beliefs, etc. in a way people can understand

I am not very good at putting my ideas across.

Set out

To explain, describe, or arrange something in a clear and detailed way in speech or writing

I set out our objections to the plan at the conference.

Lay out

To explain or describe something clearly, usually in writing

SW: set out

All the terms and conditions are laid out in the documents.

Run through

To explain, read, or look at something quickly

I ran through details of the evening’s events at the briefing.