Express (synonyms, similar words, thesaurus)

Express something in particular way


To show a feeling, an opinion, or fact by words, looks or actions

She could not clearly express her feelings in words.


To say or write something in a particular way

He rarely puts his feelings into words.




To say or write something in a particular way

I tried to phrase the question in very simple words.


To write or say something in a particular way by choosing which words to use

SW: phrase

I should have worded the message much more clearly.


To express an idea or opinion in carefully chosen words

It took me a while to formulate my answer.


To express something by choosing your words carefully

I wondered how I was going to frame the question.



To express your ideas, feelings, or thoughts clearly and effectively in words

Many people are unable to articulate their feelings.

Be couched in something


To be expressed in a particular way

The letter was couched in legal jargon.




To say something, especially something other people may not like, in a loud and clear way

SW: state, declare

I announced my intention to quit school.


To express something formally in speech or writing, especially in a careful and clear way

She stated her intention to resign from the government.


To say something firmly and clearly

SW: assert, affirm

I declared my innocence.


To state firmly that something is true

She asserts that the boy stole money from her.


To state firmly and publicly that something is true

SW: confirm

He affirmed he had been at home all evening.


To say that something is definitely true or correct

OPW: deny

The police confirmed that the two politicians had been arrested.


Comment / Give your opinion or idea (synonyms, similar words, thesaurus)

Give your opinion or idea

Make a comment


To express an opinion about someone or something

My girlfriend always comments on what I wear.

Make a comment

They made helpful comments on my work.


To say or write a comment about someone or something

SW: comment

He remarked that the book was disappointing.

Make a remark

They made a number of rude remarks about the restaurant.



To make a comment about someone or something

He observed that it was getting late.


Express an opinion


To tell or show a feeling, opinion, aim, etc. by words, looks or actions

I was afraid to express my opinions.


To express an opinion on something

Her doctor said that she should eat more vegetables.


To express your opinions or ideas in carefully chosen words

It took me a while to formulate an answer.



To mention something because it is important or interesting

It’s worth noting that the president gave no reason for his decision.


To publicly say your opinions

Speak out

To publicly say your opinions in a way that takes courage, especially in order to protest against or defend something

Some students who had spoken out against the government were arrested.


To publicly express your opinions

SW: voice

The workers should get a chance to air their views.


To say your opinions or feelings about a particular subject

The parents are going to voice concern about their children’s safety.

Sound off

Informal, disapproving

To express your opinions strongly and rather rudely without being asked

These students always sound off about politics.



Put forward

To offer an idea, opinion, reason, etc. for other people to consider or discuss

I encouraged individuals to put forward their views.


To put forward an idea, a plan, or an action for other people to consider

I suggested an Indian restaurant near the subway station for the party.



To put forward a plan, idea, action, etc. for other people to consider

Several politicians have proposed raising the tax.



Opinion (noun)

Give an opinion

I was invited to give my opinions about how the factory should be operated.

More verbs

Air, Express, Offer, State, Voice

In someone’s opinion

Used when giving your opinion

In my opinion, we should change the way we work.


View (noun)

A personal opinion, belief, or attitude about something

SW: opinion

Give one’s view

I always hesitate to give my own views on any matters.

More verbs

Air, Convey, Expound, Express, Make known, Present, Put forward,

Tell someone your view, Let someone have your view

In someone’s view

In my view, it is a waste of time.


Point (noun)

An idea, fact, opinion, or piece of information that is said or written as part of an argument or a discussion

Make a point

She made some interesting points in the conference.

More verbs

Raise, Illustrate, Demonstrate, Get across, Put across, Prove, Have, Emphasize,

Belabor / Labor, Press, Stress, Clarify


Observation (noun)


A written or spoken comment, especially based on something you have seen, heard, felt or read

SW: remark

Make an observation

May I make an observation?


Announcement (noun)

A written or spoken statement that officially tells people about something

Make / Issue an announcement

The president is going to make an announcement about his plans tonight.


Declaration (noun)

An official announcement about a particular situation or plan of a government or an organization

Make / Issue a declaration

Our government has issued a declaration of war against the rebel group.


Quip (noun)

A humorous and clever remark

I made several quips during the interview.


Aside (noun)

A remark that you make quietly to someone because you do not want other people to hear it

He made an aside about the speaker to me.


Taunt (noun)

An insulting or unkind remark, or a joke that is intended to make someone angry or upset

I tried to ignore their taunts.


Dig (noun)

A remark or joke that is intended to annoy or criticize someone

Dig at

He makes sly little digs at me when we meet.