Have a Discussion (synonyms, thesaurus, similar words)

Have a Discussion

Discuss (verb)

To talk about something with someone to decide something

They are discussing a project.

Talk (verb)

To discuss something serious or important with someone.

The two sides have agreed to talk about the issue.

Debate (verb)

To discuss a subject formally before making a decision or finding a solution.

We have been debating for several hours without reaching a conclusion.

Consider (verb)

To formally discuss something such as a report or problem before making a decision about it.

The committee has been considering the problem.

Confer (verb)

To exchange opinions or get advice on a particular subject to reach a decision.

Consult (verb)

To discuss something with someone before making a decision.

I will consult with my colleagues on the matter.

Canvass (verb)

To talk about an idea in detail.

The committee is currently canvassing our proposal.

Have / Hold a discussion

We had a discussion about the plans for next year.