Meaning & Definition of “lower”(verb) in Pictures – ESL vocabulary words

The girl has lowered her head in sadness.

If you lower your head, you look downwards, for instance because you are sad or embarrassed.

<Similar Word>
The girl has looked down in sadness.


<Opposite Word>

The boy has raised his head and has a big smile.


She has lowered her eyes in depression.


The boy has lowered his head in embarrassment.

Light up

Meaning & Definition of “Light up”(phrasal verb) in Pictures – ESL vocabulary words

Fireworks light up the sky.

If a firework lights up the sky, it gives light to the sky.

<Similar Word>
Fireworks glow in the sky.


The trees light up at night.


The fireworks have lit up the sky.



His face lit up when he heard his girlfriend’s voice.

If his face lights up, he looks happy.


The girl’s eyes have lit up as she saw her mother smile.


Meaning & Definition of “lie”(verb) in Pictures – ESL vocabulary words

Word forms: lies, lying, lay, lain

Beautiful girl

A woman is lying on her stomach.

If you are lying somewhere, you are in a resting position on the floor, the ground, or a bed etc.

<Similar Word>
A woman is resting on her stomach.


Senior Taiwanese man resting

He is lying on his side.
<Another Usage>

Word forms: lies, lying, lied

He always lies to his wife.

If you lie, you say or write something which you know is not true.


Meaning & Definition of “lay”(verb) in Pictures – ESL vocabulary words

Word forms: lays, laying, laid
Lay as verb needs an object.

The woman has laid her hand on the man’s shoulder.

If you lay someone or something somewhere, you put it down there carefully into a flat position.

Flowers are laid on a table.


Meaning & Definition of “Lead ”(verb) in Pictures – ESL vocabulary words

The path leads to the water.

The path leads to the water.

If a path leads somewhere, you can get there by following it.

The man in the blue shirt is leading in a marathon.

If you are leading at a particular point in a race or competition, you are winning at that point.

The man in the middle is leading the team.

If you lead a group of people, an organization, or an activity, you control the people or the activity.

<Another Usage>
His brother led him to quit high school.

If something leads someone to do something, it causes someone to do something, especially something bad.


Meaning & Definition of “leave”(verb) in Pictures – ESL vocabulary words

A man is leaving a taxi.

<Similar Words>
A man is exiting a taxi.
A man is getting out of a taxi.

Airplanes are leaving vapor trails.
<Similar Word>
Airplanes are making vapor trails.

A gate is left open.

If you leave something in a particular condition, you do not touch it, move it, or act to change it in any way, so that it stays in the same condition.