Meaning & Definition of Protrude (verb) in Pictures – ESL vocabulary words

Spikes protrude from the branch.

If spikes protrude from a branch, they stick out.

<Similar Word>

Spikes stick out from the branch.


Horns protrude from the animal’s head.


Screws are protruding from the board.


Meaning & Definition of Form”(verb) in Pictures – ESL vocabulary words

Droplets have formed on the glass.

If a droplet forms, it starts to exist.

<Similar Word>

Droplets have appeared on the glass.


A crowd has formed around the fountain.


A huge cloud has formed in the sky.


A person is forming clay into a pot.

To make something into a particular shape.

<Similar Word>

A person is making a pot with clay.

Dough is formed into balls.

A boy is forming a heart with his hands.